About Us

Brethren armament is a disabled veteran owned small business.

It was started in 2013 by Kyle and Quinn McIntosh. Both having experience in military, law enforcement and private security.

In December 2016, Quinn resigned and is pursuing projects outside of Brethren Armament.

Kyle McIntosh (President) and Doug Hatch (Vice President) have continued the company with the intention of taking the delayed blowback operating system to its absolute limit. We draw on our experiences in the military, law enforcement, private security and  manufacturing sectors, in order to improve on all aspects of the MP5 platform; from end user input, and engineering. We work with a diverse group of engineers and firearms experts in order to complete this task. Some might say that this platform has already reached its apex, but with solid research, development and testing, we will take the MP5 platform to its next level.

Our motto is Nullum Maius Vinculum, meaning No Bond Greater. We believe that the brotherhood formed by armed men and women can transcend any other relationship that we as a race can attain. That is why we build our weapons to such exacting standards. They are carried by those whom we share the most crucial bond with; our brothers in arms.

Feel free to call us 801-810-4067

Brethren Armament LLC.
2156 W 2300 S
WVC, UT 84119