The differences between the Factory and custom lines

Now that we are offering two different “trims” for our guns, customers regularly ask what are the real difference, and what is the best option for their situation. Below is a brief summation of those differences. As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

  • Availability: All custom guns are built to order, and estimated wait times are listed on our home page. Depending on demand, they can range from 2 months to almost a year. Factory ones are made it larger numbers, and are intended to be in stock, but even when they are not are no more than a few weeks out. Payment is not required at time of order for the custom lines, only when we begin construction. The Factory line requires 100% payment when they are in stock or when pre-orders are being taken.


  • Customization: Factory ones come in the configuration shown. Non railed models are released from time to time, but we do not allow changes or swaps. The custom line has countless different options available, including our proprietary weldless finish, many of which do not have an additional cost. When an upcharge is required, it is less than the MSRP for the part if you were to buy it on your own. If you haven’t viewed it yet, please take a look at our other article options and variations for a complete list of available customization options.


  • Finish: Factory guns are finished in the original german formulated Epoxy paint over parkerized steel. The custom guns are finished in Cerakote, and any stock color is available at no additional charge.


  • Attention to detail: While both guns meet our standards for tolerances and fit, which meet or exceed the original german standards, the custom line will have a better overall fit, and things like magazine lock up can be tailored to your needs. The custom guns are built one at a time, by one person, and their overall quality is higher. The factory ones are still just as reliable and compatible with all parts and accessories, but they are not hand fitted like the custom ones.


  • Warranty: the Custom line has a limited lifetime warranty; regardless of how extreme the use is, as long as it is not the result of deliberate abuse, we fix it, no questions asked. The factory models currently have a three year warranty. That is not due to inferior fabrication or parts, we simply have not had enough long term data to verify their reliability. That will most likely change as time goes on, and any issues due to obvious defect will be covered for the lifetime of the gun.


Bottom line If you are happy with the gun’s configuration out of the box, and are not planning on upgrading or swapping out many parts, the factory gun is the best value. If this is your first Roller lock gun, you may not recognize the differences in quality between the two lines.

If you plan on upgrading in the future, or planning on extreme/or life and death use, the custom line will be less expensive in the long run. They factory line is superior to other offerings in the market, and second in quality only to our custom line.