Press Release

April 28, 2016

As many of you already know; we have experienced significant delays on our “factory line” guns, as well as on the release of other new products like our re-designed trigger pack. We have taken responsibility for those delays; offering refunds to any customer that requested it, and doing our best to alleviate any inconvenience to our customers who are impacted.  Please be assured that Brethren Armament remains firmly committed to unrivaled customer service and open and honest business practices.  That commitment will never be compromised.  Ever.  For any reason.

Until now, we have had to err on the side of ambiguity as to the cause for the delays, but the situation has reached a point where we can now be upfront.  We have had significant issues involving certain suppliers, some of which may be known to the public and some of which may not be. We are still not able to go into specifics due to ongoing legal action, but we are taking steps to ensure that our supply chain is completely removed from any of these potential issues because we are unwilling to utilize any components in any of our guns that are related in any way to these issues.  Thus, we are having to simultaneously take steps to ensure that such does not occur while we put new supply channels into place as quickly as possible.

This has required a considerable change in our business practices, and we are now manufacturing every component in our own facilities. Due to this, we have had to place R&D for new products on hold until all original designed parts have been produced in sufficient numbers.

We are more than capable of such a feat; and wish to assure our customers that our commitment to quality and exceeding the original manufacturer’s specifications is our only benchmark for success.

We hope to have the factory line guns back in production in 6-8 weeks; but as always, we will error on the side of precision at the expense of expediency. Once we have a sufficient quantity tested and in stock, we will offer them for sale once again. Custom line orders and other projects are still being completed, but those do have to be organized around what components we have ready for utilization.

Any questions or comments regarding this situation can be sent via our contact form on our website, or our email;

Most Respectfully

Brethren Armament