New Brethren Arms Website

Welcome brethren, to the new and improved Brethren Arms website.


As with anything new, there is a break-in period. Areas of this website are still being updated and improved as we obtain feedback and suggestions from our valued customers.

Past customers and those with existing orders may notice that they are unable to access their prior account on this new system. Not to worry! The old website and all previous orders still exists, just not public. Our fabrication and order fulfillment department has access to the old website and is busy doing what it does best. Getting your order(s) fulfilled!

As your order goes through the fulfillment process we will do our best to keep you notified. We are currently working through approximately 60 orders with an estimated 30 day cycle producing between 15 to 18 firearms. We are committed to quality (not speed) and remain focused on delivering your orders as soon as professionally possible. We thank you for your patience and appreciate your business patronage.

All throughout this month and possibly the next (December) we will be looking into integrating all prior customers and orders into our new web platform.

In the mean time, our technology department welcomes your feedback and suggestions with regards to the new website.

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