Improved Trigger Group, Hammer Buffer


Trigger Group (lower) replacement device for Heckler & Koch (HK) Roller Lock Firearms

  • Single component houses all trigger components, provides interface for pistol grip, and mounts to the firearm via a rear push pin and the trigger group mounting shelf behind the magazine well.
  • Ar-15 style interface for attachment of pistol grip.

Hammer Buffer

  • Curved hammer surface maintains contact with bolt carrier group (BCG) during rearward motion of bolt carrier.
  • Rearward bolt carrier group force countered with:
    • Use of a pivoting strut, spring and heim joint assembly
    • Torsion springs
    • Constant Force Coil Spring
    • Dual captive Recoil spring assembly


Trigger Group

  • Allows for use of any AR-15 style hammer and fire control group in the HK platform.
  • Reduces overall dimensions of the trigger group, allowing for easier use of magazine release, and places the trigger inline with the shooter’s index finger.
  • Allows for use of any AR-15 style pistol grip.
  • Allows for use of Drop-in auto sears and similar devices originally used for AR-15 firearms.

Hammer Buffer

  • Eliminates need for buffer tube extension assembly in AR-15 style rifles.
  • Imparts inertia and resistance to a firearm’s operating cycle; reduces felt recoil and fatigue on components.
  • Allows for a greater range of factors to adjust a firearm’s cycling rate then other products on the market.
    • Hammer weight
    • Spring force
    • Spring engagement angle
    • Spring pre-tension (with use of set screws in the torsion spring variation)
    • Frictional forces can be adjusted by adjustment of the dimensions on roller bearing
  • Designed for use with the improved trigger pack, the hammer buffer also functions as a Drop-in component, and will be included into pre-existing self contained trigger group designs.
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