Build time Projections

To all of our Brethren currently languishing away on our build queue; as most of you have already realized, our initial estimates on build times is significantly off. Part of this is due to our poor estimations, and for that we profusely apologize. It is also due to our ridiculously high standards. There are very few portions of our manufacturing we do not do in house, or have direct control of. The other portions however, have proven to be too much to handle for several vendors, and we have had to make several changes to find the people willing to meet the standards we demand. We are now confident in our allegiances now however; and are working as fast as possible without compromising quality to get to your order. The updates to the build queue will be completed in just a few weeks, and that system will now give you a much better estimate on where you are at in line, as well as regular updates, even while we are completing your new family member. In the mean time, and as always, you are always welcome to call or email us directly for a status, as well as several more frantic apologies. You can trust we are working away tirelessly, and have not retired to a quiet beach somewhere to laugh at your anxieties. We are losing as much sleep working on your guns as you are thinking about them.

Brethren Armament