Build Queue/ How to Order

How to Order

We do not make guns, we make your guns. That is why you will see a dizzying amount of customization options for the particular model you have chosen, and are constantly adding them. The only options that need your feedback in order to make your order are the ones marked with an “*”, the others only matter if you want them.

Some of the options listed will be familiar, others may not. For in-depth information; including pictures and comparisons, please take a look at the  Product options and configurations/ page. You are also welcome to contact us with your questions or ideas; we believe no detail or request is insignificant.

Once you have configured your firearm the way you like, proceed to the checkout page (requires an account.) To confirm your order, choose “Build Queue Reservation” under the payment options, and confirm the order. You are welcome to alter or cancel your order at any time before we begin working on it.

Build Queue

We handle lead times and builds a little differently than other companies. If the weapon you want is not currently in stock, you will be entered into our  build queue reservation system. This will allow you to track our progress, and make any customizations or modifications you would like, without any risk of losing your spot in line. We will then contact you when you are at the top of the list, and will build your gun and get it out to you in approximately three weeks. You will be able to check at any time where you are in the queue by logging into your account.

We only charge a non-refundable deposit which gets you an assigned serial number and your place in the queue. When you are notified that your are next in the queue, you will have 48 hours to arrange for completed payment of the build, and your build will not begin until payment has been received. You may cancel or modify your order at any time prior to that. Once payment and construction has begun, our ability to modify your product will be severely diminished, and may incur extra charges depending on the nature of the change.

We do not believe in holding on to your hard earned money until we are making your product.


NOTE: The total sales price for your purchase consists of the firearm, as well as extra parts and accessories. Please see the terms and conditions page for more information.

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