Brethren Armament Company Update

As we usher in a new year, Brethren Armament LLC has experienced some changes over the Christmas Holidays. We would like to share these with you and your company.

  1. Quinn is no longer an officer of Brethren Armament LLC. Quinn is venturing off into his own projects and we wish him the best of luck.
  2. Kyle McIntosh has been voted in as President of Brethren Armament LLC. Kyle has been VP since the founding and will continue with all duties within Brethren Armament LLC.
  3. We welcome Doug Hatch as our new Vice President. Doug has been with Brethren Armament LLC for a while now and is ready to step into his new role.

We look forward to a great 2017 working directly with all of our Vendors, Contractors, Retailers, Suppliers and Media Contacts.

Please feel free to reach out to us if necessary and we look forward to working with you as we begin the new year.

View the Brethren Armament 2017 Original Signed Notice (pdf)

Kyle McIntosh
Brethren Armament LLC

Doug Hatch
Vice President
Brethren Arament LLC

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