Improved Trigger Pack, Hammer Buffer

Description Trigger Group (lower) replacement device for Heckler & Koch Roller Lock Firearms Single component houses all trigger components, provides interface for pistol grip, and mounts to the firearm via a rear push pin and the trigger group mounting shelf behind the magazine well. Ar-15 style interface for attachment of pistol grip. Hammer Buffer Curved […]

Design Summary, Hammer Buffer

BACKGROUND The firearm from which this invention was created was originally designed and produced in 1957; The CETME Model A. It was later procured, updated, and manufactured by the German Company Heckler & Koch, with the most famous variants being the G3 and MP5. The G3 in particular was utilized world-wide, and is the third […]

Press Release

April 28, 2016 As many of you already know; we have experienced significant delays on our “factory line” guns, as well as on the release of other new products like our re-designed trigger pack. We have taken responsibility for those delays; offering refunds to any customer that requested it, and doing our best to alleviate […]

The differences between the Factory and custom lines

Now that we are offering two different “trims” for our guns, customers regularly ask what are the real difference, and what is the best option for their situation. Below is a brief summation of those differences. As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions. Availability: All custom guns are […]

HK tooling does not guarantee a quality product

Many of you have rejoiced upon the successful importation and sale of HK “licensed” roller-locks. We even did the same, because it meant more guns to customize, and more customers buying the accessories we design. But just like with dogs and royalty, the purest of bloodlines does not always lead to a winner. One of […]

The Brethren Armament Finish

We have had several inquiries lately regarding our finishing practices; mainly as to whether or not firearms are parkerized before they are cerakoted, and if cerakote is applied to the interior of the gun. The short answer is “No” and “Yes.” However, these are not arbitrary decisions; they are supported by analysis and support that is […]

Product options and variations

With the almost endless options available for our firearms, it can be difficult at times to know what particular option is best for you. Below we have an in-depth discussion of each option available for our products. If you have an option or idea not discussed below, or would still like more information about a […]

Build time Projections

To all of our Brethren currently languishing away on our build queue; as most of you have already realized, our initial estimates on build times is significantly off. Part of this is due to our poor estimations, and for that we profusely apologize. It is also due to our ridiculously high standards. There are very […]