How to best set up your BAP’s with optics

A question we get asked frequently is how to best set up your BAP’s for optics. There are several options we suggest and will try to provide you with the positives and negatives of each in this article.


Option 1

Run a micro-type or Rugged Miniaturized Reflex (RMR) style sight.

The first option is to run a Micro-type or Rugged Miniaturized Reflex (RMR) style sight directly on the rail. This gives you the the height over bore the gun was designed for and gets you real tight behind the gun (which might be good or bad depending on your shooting style).

The two biggest drawbacks are from co-witnessing of the sight. Depending on which optic you use (Aimpoint micro, Vortex SPARC II, RMR) you may or may not be able to actually co-witness through both sights. You can use the front sight alone in a pinch, and the gun is pretty accurate out to at least 50 yards this way, even more if you know how to index the top of the rear sight with the front this way, called “shooting the notch“.

The other problem being that even if you can co-witness, you will find your field of view to be quite busy. There is no lower third co-witness with this gun; you will be looking directly through the front sight. Some guys have trained like this, and don’t find it much of a hindrance, but to each his own.

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